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The Guidon

As a veteran owned business, ProCleared respects and honors many military traditions that the founders were exposed to during their service.
One such military tradition is the use of a Guidon. A Guidon is a military standard that a company or platoon carries to signify their unit designation and corps affiliation. 
The Guidon is a great source of pride for the unit. It is a symbol that represents solidarity and unity. In older times, during battle it was a symbol of perseverance, and it instilled courage to continue forward. 
Attached to the top of the Guidon are Campaign Streamers. Campaign streamers are ribbons that recognize particular achievements or events of a military unit or branch. The streamer communicates the name and date denoting participation in a particular battle, military campaign, or theater of war.
ProCleared has adopted these traditions with our own ProCleared Guidon and Contract streamers.
Each contract ProCleared is involved with has it's own streamer. Prime contracts are represented by green ribbons and sub-contracts are represented by gray ribbons.
The streamers are only affixed to the Guidon when the first employee is put on that contract vehicle. When that happens we hold a ceremony where the Resource Manager that is responsible for hiring that employee puts the aforementioned streamer on the Guidon.
Rally around our Guidon with us and experience success with ProCleared!
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